“For the love of books”


Who couldn’t love a book sale? Great books at super low prices, while supporting our fantastic libraries!

We love our book sales but had a hard time finding out about the sales in our area. So we created Book Sale Buddy to help us find these amazing sales, and to help our libraries find book enthusiasts like you!

We hope you like our site. Please let us know if you have any comments.

Our Team

We’re a husband and wife team. We love our books, and are delighted to build a site that helps other book enthusiasts find these great library sales!


Kandra is a huge book sale fan! On weekends, you'll either find her at local book sales or walking her two yellow labs (if only book sales allowed dogs!). Kandra worked at Google for several years, and graduated from UCLA with a degree in Math. She loves hiking, swimming, and can spend endless hours creating photobooks!



Josh holds a degree in computer science from Case Western Reserve University and also worked at Google for several years. On weekends, you’ll find him running, hiking, and cooking delicious meals! He also loves dogs, and can be found dragging two tired yellow labs home after a very long run.